Whether your problem is acute or long standing, physiotherapy assessment and treatment plays an important role in reducing pain, and promoting rehabilitation.

We aim to restore your normal daily function, so you can keep up your recreational activities and return to work.

Once we have discussed your reasons from coming to the clinic our specialist physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment to better understand the concern. This will likely include an assessment of your posture along with viewing your range of motion and testing your muscle powers. We may also need to test sensation and neural tensions dependant on your presentation, but we can explain that in more detail during the appointment.

Your physiotherapist will then discuss their findings with you, and a treatment plan will be devised that is tailored specifically for your needs and abilities. There are a range of treatment options, including exercises, stretches, and soft tissue manipulation.

We would ask you to come back into clinic at a time frame most suited to your presentation, and progress your treatment as appropriate.